Analog Photography

Franco Botticelli is a professional Architecture- and Art Photographer and a Cinematographer.
Primarily he works with large format view cameras and medium format cameras.

His main interest is directed to the historic analog processes of photography, which are handmade.
At George Eastman Museum, Rochester, USA, he has learned the Carbon Print Process.
Additionally he studied Wet Plate Collodium, Platinum Palladium Process, Gum Bichromate Process and Bromoil Process.
All these historic techniques are handmade processes.
He makes all the steps by himself, beginning with taking the image and developing it in the darkroom up to the finished picture on fine art paper.

His specialties are the Carbon Print and the Platinum Print Process.
These historic processes are more than 146 years old and are the most characteristic and most stable of all photographic processes, because they guarantee an extraordinary tonal range and a long lasting life period of the prints.

These techniques are contact prints whose negatives are enlarged and thus large-format images can be hand-made.
Franco Botticelli at work at Mt Fuji
Franco Botticelli at work at Mt Fuji